Mary Chapman

Mary Chapman has been an actress and vocalist in Columbus,Ohio

for many years,performing in local musical theater and nightclubs.

Her styling is reminiscent of the great female vocalists of the forties

and fifties such as Julie London and others.

Her debut album on Homespun Records , features her hit single

 " Cry Me A River " , the most compelling and powerful
version since it's first release in 1955.

If this song doesn't move're not listening.~ Trevor Williams,


At YouTube
YouTube - Mary Chapman


Mary made the list of " Lesser Known Yet Streamable Artists" at

( Cry Me A River ) Wow!!!!!! Wonderful vocals. I was captured after the first few seconds of this song.

ctull13 (level 18) wrote:
at 15 Jan. 2010 11:01AM
Absolutely breathtaking rendition of Cry Me A River -
looking forward to a lot more from you :)

pinkjeans (level 18) wrote:
at 15 Jan. 2010 11:19AM
WOW Mary Chapman you know what to do with a song. Great.
I am proud to First Love " What Are You Doing....

greyhead (level 20) wrote:
at 15 Jan. 2010 12:16PM
I think I'm in love!

WileyFox (level 18) wrote:
at 15 Jan. 2010 12:14PM
Wow, some of my favourite songs of all time!! Thanks!

daha (level 19) wrote:
at 15 Jan. 2010 12:06PM
Here's That Rainy Day is my favorite of the three.

rafaelbrandao (level 18) wrote:
at 15 Jan. 2010 12:02PM
Beautiful! :)

musicmissionary (level 16) wrote:
at 15 Jan. 2010 11:37AM
I love your voice. Great choice of tunes too. I'll spread the word.

woodjean (level 16) wrote:
at 15 Jan. 2010 3:31PM
Wow! All three songs are great and you have a
beautiful voice!