Doug Toalston

 Artist Bio

Toast as he is known (Doug Toalston)is a Nashville based songwriter/performer with nearly a 40 year history of writing songs. Growing up in the Midwest around such influences as Phil Keaggy, Joe Walsh, Michael Stanley, and a wealth of musical jenre' in the area ranging from the O'Jays to DEVO (Canton/Akron). "It was a tremendous time for music in the 60's and 70's." By the late 70's the Southern Rock era was peaking and Toast moved to Tuscaloosa, AL area to take in the experience and be influenced by the likes of Larry Carlton, The Sanford Townsend Band and The Atlanta Rythmn Section. "That's where it all came together. I love it all, Rock, Jazz, Blues, I love it all!!! Toast says he hopes it shows in his music.